Well, hello there. It’s been, oh…. What, 7 months since I last wrote a blog post? Oh bad, silly me. I had visions of being one of those Pinterest perfect, put together, blog about all my perfect momness kind of stay at home mom. My house stays mostly clean, but otherwise, hahahahahahaha….. Perfect momness! Pinterest! You know, I actually Googled “snacks for baby playdate” once, and got these Pinterest links for like, homemade fruit roll ups in perfect tiny mason Jars with ribbons tied around them, what?!?!? I pulled out some of our crumbly leftover baby mum mums and called it good.

Anyway,Anna’s first birthday is in two weeks, so congratulations to her but mostly congratulations to ME!  She’s healthy, happy, toddling around (she figured out how to walk a couple of weeks ago), playing with anything and everything, a very normal one year old in every way. But I feel like this year was a major accomplishment for me! I survived on 4-6 hours of sleep a night for a whole year! I survived approximately 361,223 rounds of Jesus Loves Me sung before every nap and bedtime! I survived baby mealtimes that sometimes involved pureed peas or other similar goopyness being launched through the air and into my hair. Or mouth. I survived cloth diapering and  breastfeeding (still going on both!).  I kept my precious bundle safe from launching herself down the stairs (baby gate win!), launching herself off the bed, launching herself off anything, really, also from getting fingers caught in drawers, hitting her head on just about anything there is, grabbing dangerous items off countertops I thought she couldn’t reach, etc. I basically saved her life like 578 times this year. Give or take.

So, in honor of my first year of motherhood, here are a few things I’ve learned this year. Here goes:

  1. Coffee is precious. So much more precious than I ever thought before having a baby. Guard the coffee. Make time for the coffee. All The Things will be better with coffee.
  2. Diapers are gross. I thought diapering my sweet little treasure’s precious bum bum in the cutest cloth diaper prints would be so much sweeter (and healthier, eco-friendly, cost effective, yada yada etc etc), than those Nasty Disgusting Evil Disposables. It turns out all diapers are gross, because poop is gross. We have used mostly cloth with some disposables for travel and the occasional bad diaper rash. I did not anticipate scraping the world’s worst Spinach Poo (worse than all the Poos) into the toilet when I lovingly folded her clean fluffy cute cloth diapers in the nursery at 7months pregnant. Cloth diapers are great. Disposables also work. Poop is gross.
  3.  Babies do not just fall asleep when they need to sleep. Well, they do, mostly, until like one or two months old. Then it’s like, nope! Hey mom! Guess what?! You have to HELP me learn to sleep! What? You thought I’d just fall asleep on my own like magic? Hahahahahahaha… (that in Anna’s voice, of course). We finally have a great sleep routine. But it was a lot of work, trial and error, sleepless nights, crying (both me and Anna!).
  4. Once a sleep routine is established, Guard The Sleep!!!! Guard it with all your might!!!! Fun friends want to party with you on Saturday night? Sorry, nope! I’m Guarding the Baby’s Sleep. Coffee meet up at 10am? Sorry, nope! I Must Guard The Baby’s Sleep. Maybe some babies are good on the go nappers. Mine is not. She is The Worst when her sleep times are disrupted too much. So we Guard the Sleep.
  5. Pureed meat is disgusting.
  6. Baby’s first steps are without a doubt the most precious thing you’ll ever see.
  7. Baby’s first time to say “mommy” and “daddy” may sound more like “Maaaaaa. Nanana ” and “didi”. That’s OK.
  8. Babies love toys. They also love spoons, bowls, sponges, purses, diapers, pants, stroller wheels, shoes (Oh goodness do they love shoes), foam floor mats, vacuum cleaner hoses, potted plants, boxes, buttons, PlayStations, cell phones, potatoes, wipes, and many other non toy items. Don’t go overboard buying toys.
  9. The support of other mommies is essential. Don’t be a Lone Ranger Mommy. Bad idea. If you don’t have other mommy friends, do whatever you can to make some.
  10. If the baby skips a “solid” meal because suddenly she hates oatmeal when she loved it yesterday, or if the baby refuses to nurse because her tooth hurts, or if the baby just chews on her sippy cup and won’t drink water, or if the baby just picks up the Puffs and drops them on the floor because she doesn’t know how to finger feed herself at 10 months, IT’S OK!! Baby will not starve to death. Baby will not be a 21 year old who can’t drink from a cup. Baby will survive.

THese are just ten of the things I learned this year. There are sooo many more. But overall, it’s been a fantastic year. And I’m so grateful and overwhelmed at how blessed we are with little Anna. I love being her mom. Ups and downs, all worth it.

Happy birthday, Anna! And happy first momiversary, me!