Whew! Well, it’s been a while! But anyone who’s had a baby will easily excuse my absence from blogging, because, well… a BABY! Having a baby doesn’t leave you a lot of time for things like blogs! But I figured today is The Day that I Must Update The Blog because otherwise it will get longer and longer and we’ll have more and more pictures and it will never get done. ūüôā

So, Anna is finally here! Contractions started the morning of Wednesday, October 29th and she was born on Friday the 31st at 3:30 ish in the afternoon (not sure of the exact time..). So it was a long process for me! I progressed very slowly, and verrry painfully, so I’ll spare you the details, but we’re very happy to finally have Anna here!

Being a mom is the most exhausting but most enjoyable thing in the world! As Anna is our first, everything is a challenge because it’s new to us! Figuring out feeding, diapering (we’re cloth diapering which is an extra bit of a challenge!), sleeping, how to get from here to there (we don’t have a car! So we put her car seat in a taxi for places we can’t walk and take her stroller or the Ergo if we need to walk somewhere), etc., etc. We are slowly figuring out what her likes and dislikes are, how to comfort her, etc. etc. Lots of learning going on here! But we’re so in love with her! So I’ll finish up here by sharing some photos of her first couple of weeks.

DSC_1004¬†Here’s our brand new baby minutes after her birth! All wrinkly and squished!

DSC_1010 Our little family! DSC_1019 Hanging out with mommy!

DSC_1025 After getting cleaned up a little bit!

DSC_1031¬†Daddy’s first time holding Anna!

DSC_1056¬†Visitors in the hospital! Students of mine and Aaron’s.

DSC_1065¬†Ready to take her home!¬†DSC_1096¬†Anna’s first bath – she wasn’t so excited. But her second bath was much better!

DSC_1113 Sitting cute in the swing! DSC_1123 Burrito baby ready for bed!

Note – she stopped liking the swaddle after about two days. Hrmph.

DSC_1126 Sleeping on mommy Рgrumpy face.

DSC_1129Sleeping on Daddy – cute face. Hrmph.

SDSC_1169¬† Sleeping on the sofa!¬†DSC_1178¬†Anna’s second bath – she liked it a lot more this time around!

DSC_1184¬†It looks like I’m choking her! But she actually quite likes floating in the water this way. I’m supporting under her arm too.

DSC_1186 Cute post-bath Anna! DSC_1192 She always tries to eat the towel.

DSC_1196  Clean and dressed after the bath!

DSC_1198¬†Hanging out on the bed in clothes that are way too big because mommy needed to do laundry ūüôā


DSC_1233  Beautiful Anna doing what she does best!

There you go! I’m immensely proud that I managed to upload all these and it only took a few hours in between feedings and fussy baby comforting! ūüėÄ