Well, I’m trying to be good about bloggering every week, even if I can’t think of a particularly good subject to write about, at least I’ll make it a habit!
As I type this on my iPad ( thus no pictures on this post, iPad wordpress app uploads them weirdly ) , while lying in bed on my left side like the good pregnant person I am ( left side is supposed to be best for baby’s oxygen flow), boy, today was one of those barely functional sort of pregnant days.
I’m 35 weeks today, and just exhausted and so achy and sore in my hips, pelvis and thighs. I think everything’s loosening up for delivery, but it is painful! Last week I had a scare, where Tuesday evening I began feeling a constant achy crampiness just like menstrual crampiness. I barely slept, then the next day I’d arranged to meet my long time friend in Khaosiung, Taiwan’s second largest city, in the south. I couldn’t just not go, I hadn’t seen her in 12 years! She works aboard the missions ship Logos Hope, which was docked there for the week.
So still feeling constant cramps and frequent braxton hicks ( painless contractions), I took a train down and spent the day with her. While walking and moving around doing stuff, I easily put the discomfort out of my mind, though the “menstrual cramp” feeling never went away. On the train home I decided to time my Braxton Hicks contractions, and for two hours, they were 5-6 minutes apart consistently, and with some pain, so when I got home, I drank a lot of water and laid down. But after a couple hours I still had em, so, feeling dumb for perhaps overworrying, I asked Aaron to drive me to labor and delivery for monitoring. This was at about 11pm.
Well, on the monitor, they could indeed see the contractions were regular, and rather strong, regular not being characteristic of Braxton Hicks, so they popped me some tocolytic ( medication to stop contractions) , and sure enough the contractions eased up and they discharged me after a couple of hours with another milder tocolytic to take at home.
I’ve had only normal irregular Braxton Hicks since then, everything looking ok at my doctors appt on Saturday. Though I never had a cervix check to see if the contractions did anything, but I hope that all that fiasco doesn’t mean I’m gearing up for early delivery. The nurses at the L&D at my hospital were very friendly and spoke good English, so I feel nicer about delivering there. I have since packed a bag in case I do go early! But I hope Anna waits a few more weeks. I still have some stuff I want to get done around the house first.
Just tired, achy, and sore now, teaching is more difficult as I waddle up the stairs and bend over to correct books! I need to stop for frequent water breaks. But I plan to keep teaching my evening class ( only twice a week) until I go into labor, as I don’t need bed rest and can’t see any real reason to leave earlier, besides normal discomfort.
I had my baby shower on Saturday, it was lovely and very special after throwing so many for friends over the last ten years, to finally have one for me! It was so nice to be surrounded by my girl friends I’ve met here in Taiwan, having seen them grow and go through a lot of change, and them now celebrating this very new upcoming change for me.
That was about it for my week! This week, my plan is to start working on stocking some freezer meals for after the baby comes. I’m going to rely heavily on the crockpot that first month!
Oh, also last week on Wednesday, the day I had all the contractions, one of Aaron’s students named Anne, her mother passed away. Anne is 8, and has an older brother. Mother’s had cancer for a while, so it’s not a shock, but still sad. However, Aaron’s class has rallied around Anne, forming a prayer group and praying for her every day. That class of little third graders is so spiritually sensitive, and so ready to grow in their relationships with The Lord even at such a young age. Aaron’s done his best over the last two years to teach them about God’s love, Jesus, salvation, and how to follow Him, and he’s seeing some real fruit come of it. It’s a very special time for his class. He’d appreciate your prayers, not only for Anne’s family, but for the continued spiritual growth of his third grade class, and that he can also cultivate that spiritual sensitivity to The Lord with his newer class of first graders. It’s not easy with such a language barrier, but God is definitely at work at our school.
That’s about it, I’m fed up with iPad’s autocorrect now, so I’ll leave you til next time. šŸ™‚ thanks for reading!