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Well, I never actually left. I’ve just taken a bit of a break from bloggering, for several reasons: 1.) I generally forget I have a blog…2.) I’m exhausted half the time, 3.) I hate typing on the iPad (death to autocorrect!!) and 3.) every time I think about blogging I want to wait until I can show off my neat orderly house, and hahahahahahah, the house is never as neat and orderly as I’m waiting for it to be!!! So there you go. πŸ™‚
I’m any case, I’ve decided with baby Anna on the way (62 days to go according to my baby app!), I really should start keeping up with this blog thing. And get over my wanting the house to be perfectly neat and orderly (again. Hahahahahahah).
I don’t even remember what I wrote about last time I posted. Anyway, we’re pretty settled into our “new” place, and the school year is definitely underway. Aaron’s working full time, so he’s gone all day, while I stay home most of the time. I’m still teaching one evening class (two hours twice a week), which will continue even after Anna is born (with a bit of a maternity leave in there somewhere). Aaron and my schedules are such that he can stay home with Anna on my teaching nights.
So, I’ve been spending most of my time doing these things : hoping the house will magically become neat and orderly; searching the internet for ways to make my house neat and orderly, while never actually doing anything about it; cooking a lot! (I cook almost every night of the week, including making Aaron lunches most of the time. I hope to write more about my menu planning and stuff in another blog post sometime. Hah. We’ll see, we’ll see…); what else do I do? Oh yes, bit by bit organizing Anna’s room, which is looking pretty good now! Also, doing the bare minimum of cleaning possible to maintain a Not Too Disgusting House, squishing lots of little cockroaches that somehow appear out of nowhere all over, napping a lot, watching some Tv, and doing laundry when it Must Be Done. And grocery shopping. And browsing Pinterest, which I must say, is probably responsible for my dissatisfaction in the neatness and orderliness of my house. Have you seen the Pinterest houses! Sigh…..
So that’s what I’ve been doing every day. Some days are definitely more productive than others. That’s how pregnancy goes, I suppose. Third trimester now (31 weeks today), Anna moves allll the time and it’s getting more and more uncomfortable and rather painful (oh! The jabs to my organs and bladder! ) And I’m much more exhausted for no reason. Worse than the first trimester! But she’s healthy and growing, and that’s what really matters!
Ok, so I did take some picture of our “new” apartment, which I will now show you. When the house is up to my neat, orderly standards, I will do a video walk through, (it will happen! Someday!), but for now, these low quality iPad photos will have to do. Here goes!












Um, ok since I am doing this on iPad, and apparently I can’t figure out how to type next to or caption each photo, I will describe them here in one large lump of a paragraph. Sorry.
The first few pictures are of my kitchen. This room wasn’t really designed to be a kitchen, since we’re only living on the top two floors of a four floor house (bottom two are classrooms of JacksonFive), and the actual house kitchen is on the first floor. But I can’t use that one. So when we moved in, Jackson had a stove and sink installed on the balcony of this room. I put in shelving along the wall and corner for counter/storage space, and we’re using Costco fold-a-tables left from previous tenants as our dining table. I have baby stuff in all the corners, waiting to be sorted. I’m pleased with all the kitchen space, though it’s hard to clean under those shelves. I wave the vacuum hose around under there once a week hoping to catch the crumbs.
I cook out on the balcony, and I think the neighbors are slowly getting used to that…. Nobody else has their kitchen on a balcony! But I like it. I can close the door on all my mess if I want. πŸ™‚
Then I have a couple of pictures of our living room, which is much smaller than the kitchen. I mostly refer to it secretly as Aaron’s room. He spends most of his free time (which isn’t a lot) in here because it houses all his Man Toys. He bought this 50 inch Heran 3D 4K Tv a couple of months ago after looking at all the Tvs in Taichung, and he’s very pleased with it. It is a nice Tv. We bought our furniture for this room at Ikea, and Aaron also got to pick them all out. He chose the entertainment center, and the sofa. I chose the carpet. We both chose the coffee table. He loves this sofa, because he can cross his legs on it. It also reclines into a very comfortable bed. So that’s all I have to say about Aaron’s room/living room.
Next is Anna’s room! We painted it yellow, and I stuck some wall decals I found at the Taipei zoo on there. I got that crib second hand, and the chair we brought over from our previous apartment. I’ve been working on sorting her clothes into sizes, in those pink baskets there. Also sorting and stuffing her cloth diapers, you can see a small pile I’ve left to do there on the floor. The cloth diapers are stored in those flower bins under the changing table. I made her name on the wall. I’ll do a video sometime and show more cute things in here!
Then lastly, our bedroom. Anna will sleep next to me for the first few months, in a little bassinet. I did get that pack n play you see, but it doesn’t have a bassinet insert, so I don’t know if we’ll use it much. I got that cheaply second hand. Our old Tv is in this room, but we don’t really use it. My sewing table and craft corner is not used much these days either, but I’m hopeful! The laundry hangs on that balcony. I haul it up from the first floor where the washing machine is. I want Aaron to get it moved up to the fourth floor, but then he says I would never get any exercise and he’s probably right. Sigh….

So there’s a brief overview of our place. I did tidy up for the pictures (e.g. Made the bed!), but I still feel very disorganized. Maybe that’s the nesting instinct kicking in.
As far as our trash reducing/attempt at no plastic project, it’s relaxed a little. I’ve come to terms with just having to buy some things packaged, like meats, rice, flours, but I try to avoid it when possible. I still shop at the market for loose vegetables. We generate a lot of paper recycling, but not much plastic, metal, or glass. I’d say we’ve cut down our use of plastic about 75% compared to last year. So, not perfect, but with a baby on the way and my feeling generally uncomfortable and unwell, that’s not too bad! We still care an awful lot about not making too much garbage, but we’ve realized we can’t completely avoid it altogether so we will do our best without stressing about it. We still completely refuse plastic bags, bottles, and straws, which are in my opinion quite unnecessary and so easy to avoid and replace.
This post is quite long now, good job for reading the whole thing! I suppose if I blog more often, I’ll have less ground to cover and therefore can be more interesting and to the point. Oh well.
Til next time, which hopefully isn’t too long away! πŸ™‚
Oh no. I just realized wordpress uploaded my pictures in the wrong order and the rooms are all mixed up. But with the iPad WordPress app, I can’t figure out how to change it! So, you’ll just have to figure out which room is which all by yourself. Sorry! Next time I blog, I will write from Aaron’s laptop. Grrrrr……