Well, I’m pretty sure the few people who actually check or read this blog know this by now, because I plastered it all over Facebook, but last week we went for a 3D ultrasound which showed us fairly definitely a baby girl! A very healthy baby girl with a large head, thanks to her father I’m sure. Aaron can’t find hats that fit him.
Anyway, now that we know Pablo is a girl, we started thinking about names so we don’t have to refer to the poor thing as Pablo any more. We’ve pretty much settled on either Anna or Hannah. We, and by we I mean I, have also been starting to collect baby Things with more gusto now that we know Anna or Hannah is a girl. I’ve already got a pile of clothes loaned from a coworker, and a bunch of Things from Amazon on the way as well.
Well, only a little over a week left of school! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I say that every year, because it’s true. I’m still trying to get my house in order and put things away properly, start cooking more regularly again, etc, but I keep thinking I’ll wait until schools out. After my work days, I really really just don’t want to do anything else. Teaching English isn’t that hard of a job, but when you’re pregnant and it’s hot, it can feel exhausting.
It’s getting so so so hot here! I usually love the hotter summer weather, preferring it over the cold winters. But I guess pregnancy brings a whole new level of feeling hot. I’ve bought that pair of maternity shorts and some flowy tank tops, and that’s basically all I wear. Ever. I did try on one of my regular tshirts this week, and this is what it looked like:

Seriously stretching over the bump. I think I changed after this picture. I rather prefer the flowy shirts.
I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my ARC, or work visa. To make a long story short (actually not that short), this August completes five consecutive years of being in Taiwan on a work visa, and this means I will be eligible in august to get a PRC, or permanent resident visa, meaning I won’t be dependent on a job or student status, can leave and enter more freely, don’t need to renew it yearly, etc, lots of advantages. However, my current work visa expires in end of June. If I have any lapse in work visa status, I am not eligible for the PRC. So, my boss graciously is issuing me another work visa for the following schools year if I teach one evening class (four hours a week), and schedules Aaron to be home on those nights. Nice, right? Then I just could tranfer to the PRC in August.
Well, to renew a work visa, you need to pass a health check. No big deal, except it requires a TB screening X-Ray, which as I’m pregnant could not do. A new requirement of the immigration office is that pregnancy does not exempt you from the screening, everyone must do it. Since I cannot have the xray, I must have a saliva culture test. Ok. Except the hospital didn’t know what that meant. After an hour and a half of phone calls, they figured it out, only to find that the lab results won’t be in for two months. Therefore after my work visa expires, creating that lapse I can’t have to get my PRC. Aaaaah!
So my boss, she’s wonderful, is helping me try to extend my current work visa until we can get all that paperwork together. It requires a couple of visits to the immigration office and more paperwork. Rather a pain, and very frustrating.
Well, I’m assuming that will be a small part of my stories of funny, frustrating, interesting times of being pregnant in Taiwan! Anyway, I’ll deal with paperwork, immigration office, trips to the far away healthy check hospital, whatever, as long as my baby is healthy number one, and number two, I can get my Permanent resident card.
I need to get ready for work. I’ll try to check in in a couple of weeks! 🙂