Hi everyone! Yes, yes, I realize I haven’t blogged in … Um… A really long time… But! In my defense, I have two very good reasons for Ignoring My Blog! The first reason is that we have moved house, to a “new” (to us) apartment a few blocks down the street from our old place. It’s actually the top two floors previously unused, of one of our school buildings. The bottom two floors are used as classrooms. Even though we didn’t move far, and we moved from a tiny place (you’d think a move from a tiny place would mean not a lot of stuff to move… Oh, you’d be wrong! ) it was a lot of work! Great people helped a couple of times to move the big Things, but otherwise, we were making scooter trip after scooter trip hauling all the little stuff. And… Third and fourth floor apartment without elevator! Oh the stairs!
But we are all moved now, and although not all put together yet, fairly settled. We didn’t have internet for the first week or so, so in my defense, I couldn’t have blogged during that week anyway. (“But Sharon, what about all the other weeks and weeks you didn’t blo”— shh, shh! )
Well, the other reason for Not Blogging In a Long Time is because I have been exhausted, Exhausted! when I come home, not just from moving and working (though I have taken on an extra evening class), but because I am growing our tiny new Team ShAaron member who is due to come out and join us in early November! Baby Ristino (or Pablo, as Aaron affectionate calls him/her) is about 16 weeks old now, the size of an avocado according to my baby app, and is taking away all my energies. Now that I’m in the second trimester, I’ve not felt sick at all anymore, and some days have some nice energy. But not other days! Most of my energy goes into making it through the teaching day now.
We have six more weeks of school until summer vacation. Aaron and I want to use our month off to travel around Taiwan. Aaron will return to work full time next school year, and I will teach part time until Pablo says it’s time to come out, then I will stay at home the rest of the year.
As far as the ‘no plastic’ project, I must be very honest, and hopefully nobody will judge me for admitting, that in all the moving hassle plus pregnancy cravings/aversions/inability to cook a lot, we have not been doing very well. We still manage to avoid bags, straws, and most bottles, but you know, those pregnancy cravings hit hard! And those nights when all I could think about was chicken wings, and all that stood between me and My Wings was the stupid Plastic Costco tray, well. Guess what happened. It also happened with packaged raviolis, ground beef because I was craving meat chili, and a host of other such things. I’d like to say I’m the kind of good person who continued to meal plan and go to the market and maintain my responsible, respectful lifestyle even during my disorganized move, exhaustion, occasional ‘morning’ sickness, and weird feelings towards food, but I’m just not. We’re just starting to get back into some kind of routine, but I still admit I have a package of bacon in the fridge (oh how I’ve missed bacon!), and we’ve been buying bagged bread (sigh) for convenience, etc. My plastic tally won’t be at all accurate this month because of the move, I wasn’t about to move a box full of trash, no matter how clean, to my new place. Out it went.
I plan to make it through the school year, and then try again to do shopping as package avoiding as I can. I’m hopeful I will be able to cook from scratch more once I don’t have to work so much. We do plan todo cloth diapering (and, if you have any experience with that, I’ll take all the advice I can get! Comment!), and with my staying at home, I’m hopeful I can make it to the market once a week and manage to plan meals once baby and I are settled into a nice routine. I do plan to make some freezer meals ahead of time. I read on someone’s blog about how helpful it is to have a freezer full of dinners for the first month or so and was appropriately inspired.
I think in my last blog I said I was going to do an iherb post to review the products I regularly order from them. Well, I didn’t! I still plan to. I just placed another order, so I’ll wait til it comes in and do that blog then. But I felt it was time to catch up. πŸ™‚
Once the new place is looking better (we get our ikea furniture delivered in a couple of weeks!) I’ll post some photos too.
Until next week!