Whew. This week I have been tiiirrreeed! We had a three day weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of last week, and so we went with some friends to the southern beach town of Kenting. It was beautiful, warm, and fun, but it left me wiped! 


Oooh beach….

Monday and Tuesday are long work days for me, back to back, so now, on Wednesday, I’m still trying to recover from the weekend! But, if I don’t update the blog now, it won’t get updated for another week, so without further ado, here is my plastic count for February! (drum roll, please…)


I thought it would be a lot more. Though there are a few things that got accidentally put in the trash can instead of the plastic box (usually I’m good about remembering to put plastics in the box, but Aaron forgets sometimes). However, overall it’s a nice improvement on January! Although… ahem… we have been eating out a lot this month. That helps keep the plastic down at home. We did put more than I’dve liked to into the recycling at school. We order dinners and lunches at school on work days, which always come in some kind of unavoidable and sometimes plasticky packaging. I don’t take all that home to The Box. We just put that in the plastic recycling, and hope for the best, although in reality I know much of the plastic everyone thinks is recyclable, actually isn’t at all and gets either incinerated or dumped. *sigh* 

Anyway, for a brief run down of what was in this month’s box (I know it’s hard to tell from the photo): 

-a bag of tortilla chips I bought to use up some salsa I had made. 

-the trays from the salmon I mentioned in another post that I was just CRAVING 

-some milk bottle tops. 

-some wrappers from gift wrap I bought to wrap a wedding gift nicely ( I felt bad about wrapping a wedding gift in my re-used plain brown paper so I just bought some )

-plastic bubble things that held some wall hooks I bought

-plastic and aluminum bubble things that my vitamins come in. I can’t get them another way here… 

-foil looking but really plastic wrapper the bubble vitamin things come in

-a few various bags and wrappers for things. I forgot exactly what came in them. One is a bread bag from some leftover bread we brought home from school; probably a plastic wrapper from a pasta box; the plastic bag a wedding card came in (all the cards here come in plastic insert bags for some reason); etc. I forgot the rest. 

-two spoons from the time we walked to McDonald’s because I was craving ice cream and Aaron had never had a McFlurry. 

Also, not in the picture because they never made it into the box: 

 Two plastic wrappings and trays from boxes of delicious Maple Cookies we bought at the Canadian import store. They really were delicious…. 

 Probably other little odds and ends of plastic tags or whatnot that got thrown into the regular garbage as well. 


We just keep one regular garbage can in our house, then a smaller one in the bathroom. We try to take out the trash once a week. If I have kitchen trash, I put it in the garage can in the main house. I freeze all my vegetable (wet) scraps and periodically use them to make vegetable stock for my soups and stuff, then I throw them away at that time. Other than that I don’t really have wet kitchen garbage because I don’t cook meat at home and we try to eat up our leftovers. Oh, we do eat a lot of eggs, so I guess we toss a lot of egg shells. Anyway, it’s been working well to have just the one can, because I also put recyclable paper or aluminum (from my occasional soda) in the plastic box, then just separate them out when I do the plastic count. So right now the month’s worth of recyclables is in a little box separate from the other unrecyclable trash to go down. We’re still lining the can with a biodegradable corn bag. It’s better than the alternative, although I think it all stills gets incinerated here in Taiwan. But on the chance the bag flies away, at least it will hopefully biodegrade sometime in the next 50 years, unlike regular bags. 

Let’s see, what else. I think in my next post I will review the iHerb website. I just got another order from them, and am reminded of what a wonderful resource they are for us. Yes, Yes. I shall do this. 🙂 

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are! Smile and enjoy every minute!