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WordPress sent me an e-mail to inform me that it’s been two weeks since my last post and “a lot has happened”. ! How do they know? 🙂 Actually, things have been fairly normal. We go to work, we go on walks, we go shopping, we make dinner, we watch Tv, we go on field trips, etc. etc. etc.

For this blog post, I don’t have anything really focused to talk about. Buuutt I have some fun photos I snapped here and there with my snazzy new purple Sony Experia over the past couple of months, so let me share bits and pieces of our daily life here in Taichung:


Here is a large billboard advertisement for English classes, with a familiar looking face on it. And a familiar name. And no, this is not my Aaron! But wow, what are the odds there’s another Aaron around here who looks like that!


Here is a fun silly picture of my Camel class on a field trip to the Science Museum.


Here’s another picture of my cute Camels on another field trip to this place that had.. Alice in Wonderland cartoony things to pose around.


I snapped this photo right around the corner from our apartment on a walk. This lady is very typical of Taiwan. Older women and men will bicycle around, some have carts and some just hang stuff, and pick up recyclables to turn in for money. In the distance is our local pharmacy (on the right), and our local McDonald’s (where we occasionally walk for ice cream when I get hit with that craving at night) 🙂


Here’s a snapshot of the park we walk past on our way to work. It’s right around the corner from JacksonFive. Sometimes for fun classes will walk here for play time. They have a great playground. It’s so peaceful in the sun.


I turned around to take this and the garbage man gave me the Taiwan peace sign! They didn’t pick up all that litter that fell off the truck by the way. These trucks drive around playing a tinny version of ‘Fur Elise’ to announce their arrival. This was taken on our new Nikon, not the Sony Experia.


This is our local dumpling shop. The dumplings are delicious, come in different flavors, and are super cheap. I like the curry dumplings and Aaron gets the veggie ones. I wrote in my last post I was inspired by a lady I saw bring her own container to get dumplings here and how easy it was. This time, I brought my own! You can see the lady putting Aaron’s into one of them (in the back), while mine waits on the counter under our order ticket. Couldn’t be easier. No garbage made at all!


And finally I leave you with this photo of a sign at a tea shop I pass on my walks. It’s advertising a Kumquat and Plum tea, apparently. But I think it’s super cute.

So there you have it. Some snapshots roundabout our daily life here. Sorry this post is so unfocused. Hopefully you enjoyed it anyway. 😀

 Well, we also signed our contracts for the next school year, which means we will be staying in Taiwan at least through next June, 2015, if not longer. We are also looking about for a new place to move into this summer (our current apartment is a large studio, but still, I’d like more than one room!). So there are some new things around the corner. 🙂

We’re still doing just mostly Ok with our ‘no plastic’ attempt. We definitely aren’t 100% plastic-free and probably never will be, and my monthly plastic tally box is filling up quicker than I’d like. A couple of things that make it difficult are: I can’t/am too exhausted/plain don’t want to cook as often as I should to really keep waste down. Of course, that means take out at school, especially lunches and dinners when we work late. We try to avoid things that are too awfully overpackaged, but we can’t avoid packaging altogether. I did stop buying pre-packaged dinners that came in a plastic bowl. I used to just microwave those for dinners a lot at school, but now I’m too wary of heating up food in plastic anymore, especially that cheap disposable kind.

We also can’t refuse gifts, of candy or anything given to us, which happens a lot here! I see the intent behind the gift more than the gift itself, it shows me someone thought about and cares about me. So I can’t refuse it nomatter how plastic -y it is! That does mean, however, that about a third of our plastic tally box is wrapping/packaging from gifts or boxes. I know a lot of other plastic-free bloggers refuse gifts that are packaged, but boy, I just can’t do that! I love gifts. Hopefully, the more we make this lifestyle a habit and start to get vocal about it, our friends and family will try to respect that in their gift giving. Although, thinking back to last Christmas, shopping for gifts without packaging, especially plastic packaging, is sometimes easier said than done..

And another thing that’s difficult for me is, sometimes I get tired of eating vegetables all the time, which is basically what we keep stocked around here for me to cook with. (vegetables/rice/quinoa/beans, stuff like that) I have a small repertoire of vegetarian dishes I rotate, but sometimes I just crave something else. I caved this month and bought some extremely over packaged salmon, which was delicious, and the plastic trays of which they came on are cleaned and sitting in my plastic tally box. Sigh. We get meat when we eat out, as we haven’t quite gone vegetarian (though we might someday!). but we mostly have eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, sandwiches or takeout for lunch, and some vegetable dish or takeout /eat out for dinner.

Hm, anyway, this post became longer than I intended. I suppose that’s ok since I planned to blog every week and I missed a week! I’m off now. Until next time! 🙂